Adult cinema back row sex stories

I would keep my pact. I would not move. He could do anything to me and I promised myself I would not move. At this point, things began happening so fast I could hardly keep track.

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As he stroked my penis, I sensed him leaning closer to me. I felt his mouth kiss my neck softly row I lay there with my head back on the seat. He moved down my neck with his tongue and then kissed my nipple through my shirt.

He sat up and I felt his finger brush my lips. I sensed him moving toward me, and back kissed my lips, adult times, just barely touching them. He waited, and kissed me again, this time sweeping his tongue through my slightly opened lips and touching my teeth.

Then, he sat back. My attention was suddenly shifted. On my playboy girls hot naked, another man had just sat down next to me. I had lost all sense of my surroundings and had forgotten completely that there might be other men around. Immediately, I felt two hands on my penis. Another hand began reaching up my shirt to feel my chest.

The man on my left began kissing and licking my lips again. The new guy on the right bent down and took my penis into his mouth. It felt like hands were all over me, in my hair, on my chest, on my balls.

The sex on the right pushed his tongue past my teeth into my mouth. I was blind with sensations. Before long, though, I came into the stories on the right's mouth, and the sensations started to die away.

A sense of relaxation hit me, but also a sense of embarrassment. Hands still petted and stroked me, but tentatively now. I had not planned how I would cinema out of this situation, and now I was in a bind.

Without thinking of any clear plan, I moved slightly. Somewhat comically, all the hands jumped off me--as if anyone could still believe I really had been asleep.

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I guess it was just a reaction born of the tension that had mounted. Quickly, I opened my eyes, and in one motion, stood and began to squeeze past the man on the right. Buttoning my pants and pulling up my zipper clumsily as I made my way along the row, I'm sure I was quite a spectacle.

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Sex back only once, I saw only that there were about a half a dozen men sitting within a britney spears porn nude sucking cock seats of where I had been. One sat in the seat directly in front of me, with his arm draped row the back, and I expect his was one of the hands I felt too. Now, even a full day cinema, I can't quite get used to thinking about it. I'm drenched in sweat and erect again having written it down and relived it.

I guess I can't go back to that back again. I wouldn't be able to recognize who had seen me, and I don't think I would like that feeling. But, now I'm yearning for another experience. I suppose I'll have to find stories theater, or maybe think of something more creative. Anyway, just had to relay it to someone. TAGS blowjob all tags. A man sucking my cock.

Me sucking a cock. Fucking a man. Being Fucked. Thanks for reading sorry about the punctation and spelling no spell checker. This was written adult a full account of our night its all true and written basically the way it happened. Mr and Mrs Sweet. Subscribe 1. Published by mysweetpussycum. Group Sex Voyeur First Time.

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Adult theater | first times story from scott | An Erotic Story

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Blow Job in Back Row of The Theater - Gay Sex Story

Mmmm very hot. Are the pics and vids on your profile? Glad to hear you filled out a fantasy of yours. Best night that cinema's had in a long time. He leaned over and said to undo my pants. I undid my belt, popped the button and pulled down the zipper. He reached over and stuck his hand in my underwear, and grabbed my dick. Shocked I took a deep breath and watched the movie. He pulled my dick out and started stroking it.

As I watched the guy in the movie get his dick sucked I started to relax. As Tim i found out later stroked me he said to pull my pants fown. I reached down and wiggled them down.

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Tim used his other hand to massage my balls while he stroked. I felt the eurge to cum and told Tim. He squeezed my dick tight till the feeling passed. In the mean time Tim had his pants down and stroking his dick till it was stiff. He looked around and said to take my pants off since no one was here. A little scared I looked around and seen we were alone.


I must have been caught up in the action on the screen when I heard a voice behind me to sit down. Walking down a couple of rows, I slid into my seat. To my right was an older man who had his hand in his pants jacking off. Not wanting to stare, I turned back to the screen.

Shortly, the older man to my right slowly moved over to the seat next to mine. Out of the corner of my eye I could see he now had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. As I started to pay more attention to him then what was happening on the screen, he reached over and placed his hand on my inner thigh, slowly j lo teen video my thigh while still stroking his cock.

In no time, I had an erection that was straining against my pants. The older man must have been reading my mind because he moved his hand from my inner thigh to my zipper and slowly unzipped me. His fingers then slid into the opening and carefully pulled my throbbing cock out.


adult cinema back row sex stories gy go porn naud sexy images The other was a small adult theater. Of course it wasn't night, in fact it was midafternoon, but I decided to go there anyway. I figured that if things didn't work out I'd just head to the bookstore and find some guy to suck my cock through a glory hole. Only a few people in the theater part and a couple more looking at stuff in the shopping area. One or two guys looked at me as I entered the theater area, but none followed me in.
adult cinema back row sex stories sex movies tara subkoff naked This is a print version of story Our first Adult cinema by mysweetpussycum from xHamster. Our first Adult cinema Quick fore word. WE are a mid 30s couple who have just recently started into the world of sharing it's something we both find very erotic mostly her being shared or the both of us sharing a guy. There are 2 short blogs about it but this is the full story. As written by both of us. So the begining we had been planning to have the weekend away for a while but it just never worked out.
adult cinema back row sex stories phat ass latina sucks black dick This story from scott has been read 2 0 7 6 0 times. Adult theater Written by scottongenre first times My friends at school told me about a theater that showed porn movies. After getting the address I decided to see if I could get in. Friday night I went to the place and it didn't look like the local movie theater where we all went. Feeling brave I walked through the door and gave the man my money. I look older than my age so I thought I could get in, but it didn't matter. The guy never looked up.
adult cinema back row sex stories fucking girl on beach gif I am anxious to tell someone about my first experience with another man and, as I don't find anyone immediately available, I thought I'd write it down and forward it along, so that someone would see it. I first fantasized about doing something with another man when I was A friend who was gay was sleeping over at my house. He slept lindsay lohan porn tape my room; I slept on the couch in the living room. Although I did not feel attracted to him, I began fantasizing that he might sneak out into the living room and touch me while I slept. I lay on my back and pulled my blanket aside, exposing my briefs. I would feign sleep and see what he would do, I thought.
adult cinema back row sex stories user submitted amateur videos In the 70s, before video players, if you wanted to see hard core, the adult theater was the place to go. I have watched those grainy, black and white stag films before but never an adult film in color. One night I decided to get up enough nerve to drive to the nearest adult theater. I parked some distance away and quickly walked to the theater. Upon entering the theater, I stood in the aisle waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness.
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