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Some people who wet the bed produce urine at a constant rate throughout the day and night, and this may explain why the bladder needs emptying at night although not why you don't wake. However, it is not true that most people who wet the bed sleep more deeply than other people. Some people have an overactive, or "unstable" bladder, and this can cause daytime problems as well as at night, such as passing urine very often frequencyhaving to rush to the toilet urgency and accidentally leaking urine on the way urge incontinence.

Find out what the ideal thermostat setting is to help you snooze longer.

The cause of this unstable bladder is often unknown. Occasionally, an infection in the urine or other bladder problems may cause bedwetting. Stress or anxiety may sometimes start the problem, with the wet nights continuing long after the stress is over. The first step is to talk to your family doctor or local nurse continence advisor. Some people feel too embarrassed to talk about bedwetting. Take this leaflet with you if you think it may help to start the conversation.

Adults & Bedwetting

Your Doctor or Continence Advisor will want to know about your bladder habits. You may find it useful to bed a diary for about a week before your appointment showing how often you pass urine, how much you drink and when you are wet. A sample of your urine may be tested for infection. Sometimes a doctor will recommend that you attend the hospital outpatient department for a bladder test "urodynamic" studies.

Your Doctor will assess your symptoms and may prescribe an appropriate medicine to control your bedwetting. It is hot that your doctor knows whether you have daytime symptoms. One type of medicine e. The other type e. These are designed to wake you up when you start to wet, either by sounding a buzzer or by vibrating, which may be preferable if you are sharing a bedroom. Gradually your body learns to hold the urine, or to wake so that you can empty the bladder.

Get Help. About How it Works Our Story. Imagine never being too hot or too cold to sleep Did you know phenomenal sleep is activated by temperature? Find out more. How it Works Our Story. Do you go to bed at a comfortable temperature then end up waking up hot and sweaty?

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adults in bed hot natalie denis sperl porno Wetting the bed at night is surprisingly common, although very few people talk about it. It affects about one person in throughout adult life but you probably thought that you were the only one. Some people wet the bed all their lives. Others become dry during childhood, but later start wetting the bed again. Bedwetting is also known as "nocturnal enuresis". It affects different people in different ways.