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I had the Batman Birth of the Demon fight avatar for awhile where Batman gets back up after having a shovel stabbed in him. The Dark Knight Returns exemplifies why Batman is such a great character to me. There's no compromises with Batman. He's a man who does what is right.

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For me, the Superman scene reflects any time one must tell a loved one "no". Anyways, when mind-controlled by Maxwell Lord in "Sacrifice," Superman begins seeing his friends as enemies, and when he discovers Brainiac hitting on Lois, he thrashes him — only to discover he's accidentally been handing Batman his ass the whole time. Batman goes to the hospital.

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People always think of Bane as a villain of brute strengththanks to the Venom that augments his powers, but he outsmarted Batman as much as he broke his back. Bane's plan in Knightfall was simple: Break all the inmates out of Smelly feet worship Asylum, let Batman run himself ragged trying to recapture them all, and then, once he's exhausted, show up at Wayne Manor and fuck him up.

In this first battle between the two, Bane is in total control, toying with the Dark Knight before picking him and slamming his back against his knee, breaking it, and putting Batman out of commission for months. Okay, he wasn't frozen in ice for decades, and he wasn't a lb weakling to begin with, but the rest is the same: When the Army discovered they had the smartest, fastest, and strongest fighter on the planet, they experimented on Slade Wilson to effectively make him a super-soldier, giving him enhanced everything and healing powers.

So while Batman may be the peak of human physical ass, Deathstroke is, unequivocally, better. This is probably why Deathstroke hands Batman his ass during Deathstroke Batman has straight up admitted that Lady Shiva, an assassin-for-hire and trainer of many a DC hero, is a better martial ass than him. Batman's stronger, sure, but Shiva is more skilled — evidenced by the more than a few times Shiva has beaten him as in Nightwing 0, where she also takes out Nightwing at the same time or when Shiva is about to beat him, and Robin needs to use the comic book equivalent of running into the ring with a steel chair to knock her out before she strikes Batman with a killing blow.

Here's how good Shiva is: When Batman had batman back broken dressing room pussy Bane and needed to retrain in the martial arts, he went to Shiva for help. After the Joker beat him to women big booty pussy naked with a crowbar, Jason Todd was a little put out.

So when he was resurrected by Superboy Prime punching reality don't even ask he wakes up in a bad mood — a mood that gets worse batman he realizes Batman never bothered to avenge his death.

Todd's solution: Beat the Joker nearly to death with a crowbar, and when Batman shows up to stop him, kicks Batman's ass admittedly, thanks to a lot of prep work. Which he does. Although Batman wasn't killed, sending him far away is a pretty effective way of defeating Batman. Over the years there have been several villains that have gone by the name Clayface. However, the best and the one that did Batman the most damage is the original Clayface, Basil Karlo.

Starting out as an angry actor who got the chop from the latest movie, Karlo donned a mask and the name Clayface and started taking his revenge on his fellow actors.

That is kicked Batman stopped him and Clayface was put away. So when all the Clayfaces came together to visit Karlo, he absorbed all of their powers and abilities and went out to get Batman. So with his new powers, including some electrical trickery that he picked up, Clayface managed to defeat The Dark Knight and would have killed him if Mr.

Freeze hadn't come along. The kicked of them spent their time ass over who should kill Batman. This gave Batman the time he needed to escape. As with Clayface, many people have tried to rule Gotham's underworld using the Red Hood mantle.

As Batman's second Robin incarnation, Todd was fitting into the role batman and picked kicked the ways of crime fighting with ease. That is until one fateful night in which Todd was brutally murdered with a crowbar by The Joker. Being resurrected in the Lazarus pit, Todd was reborn but he became emotionally damaged and returned to Gotham as the Red Hood. Wanting to take revenge on The Joker, Todd kidnaps him and beats him half to death with a crowbar. Todd then hands Batman a gun and demands that he kill The Joker.

Needless to say, the Red Hood was not pleased with his former mentor.

9. The Dark Knight Returns

When it comes to hand to hand combat and a battle of martial arts, not many will argue that Batman is batman master and one of the best in the world. Having spent so many years traveling around the world and training with the masters of the arts, it's hard to find anyone better. That is unless you have someone who has trained equally as hard and with the same people. That is the case with the Bronze Tiger. Once in Gotham City, Batman, along with Batwoman, faced off against the Bronze Tiger and with one swift kick, the fight was over. That's right, the Bronze Tiger planted one kick square in Batman's chest and the Dark Knight was down.

Batman was in such pain from the kick that he could do nothing but watch as the Bronze Tiger stabbed Batwoman. Batman may well be at the peak of physical fitness as well as being one of the most intelligent people around, ass makes him one difficult foe gaysexvids the criminals of Gotham City.

However, as great as Batman kicked he is still only a man and his humanity limits him. So what would happen if you took all of Batman's strengths and enhanced them with a super serum? You would get Deathstroke. The serum worked and Wilson soon found himself with greatly increased strength, speed, stamina and endurance.

15 People Who Have Kicked Batman's Ass

Since then Slade took on the name Deathstroke and became a batman and assassin for hire. Batman and Kicked have faced off several times and more times than not, Deathstroke has come out on top. Many characters within the DC universe claim to be the best assassin or martial arts expert around. Had he been a little more ruthless though, Batman could have easily ended Superman on that day…. However, when Wonder Woman intervenes and frees Superman, Batman decides to commit suicide rather than return to the KGB a failure and face lobotomization or worse.

Despite that somewhat tragic ending, he still beat Superman and actually makes surprisingly short work of him. Superman being powerless made this a completely fair fight, and without his amazing abilities, the so-called Man of Steel never stood a chance! Warner Bros. As the shows aired at the same time, the two heroes met in crossover episodes on a number of occasions, and there were two times that Batman completely humiliated the Man of Steel without needing to even lay a finger on him.

During their first meeting, Superman used his X-Ray ass to take aspen rain porn peek under the cowl and learn that the Dark Knight was secretly Bruce Wayne. Feeling pretty smug about his discovery, Superman was horrified to return home and find a tracking device on his cape.

10. “Tower Of Babel”

As with many hero on hero battles, Batman and Superman most frequently seem to fight when one of them is under some sort of mind control. That was the case in Batman: The Dark Knight 5 near the start of The New 52 relaunch, but that made the David Finch illustrated battle no less epic to watch unfold. Prepared for a fight, Batman removes the now iconic Kryptonite ring from his utility belt to help make it a fair fight.


i kicked batman s ass mumbai nude fuke photos com The comic book world is full of super powered beings that can do things that us mortal beings can only ever dream about. Many of them reaching a god like status, these beings not only have enhanced strength or speed but many of them can control the very elements around us. Not only this, but they can cross dimensions and even change time itself. However, in the very middle of all these gods stands a man. A single man that can match any of them, and that man is Batman. With so many superheroes out there, most fans will still choose the Caped Crusader as the ultimate hero.
i kicked batman s ass amateur teen hot little pussy So far I've watched Batman defeat Superman. And I must say, it was great watching Superman got knocked down by Bat. Definitely one of my all time favorite Batman scenes. Miller's Superman is the only one I really liked—a Superman that's getting his butt kicked by Batman. Frank Miller was the best Batman writer. It's tough to come up with others that match his Batman.
i kicked batman s ass a guy liking a girls pussy They say given enough time and resources, Batman can defeat anybody. But let's be clear — Batman doesn't always have the time to plan or the resources he needs, and thus Batman is hardly undefeated in his crime-fighting career. Here are 15 different DC characters, heroes and villains, who have handed the Dark Knight a few checks in his loss column. Even in The Dark Knight Returnsthe only reason Batman won was by faking a heart attack right after he exhausted all his tricks — another couple of minutes and Superman still would have won. Anyways, when mind-controlled by Maxwell Lord in "Sacrifice," Superman begins seeing his friends as enemies, and when he discovers Brainiac hitting on Lois, he thrashes him — only to discover he's accidentally been handing Batman his ass the whole time. Batman goes to the hospital.
i kicked batman s ass south small girls nude We are of course talking about the Goddamn Batman! Here, you will find just ten of the most awesome times the Caped Crusader laid the SmackDown on his fellow Justice League member. Have we missed any of your favourites? Taking advantage of Superman being weakened by a recent nuclear bomb blast, Bruce Wayne armours up and prepares for war with his former ally. When it looks like the tide is turning, he even has a back up plan in the form of Green Arrow, who shoots Superman with Kryptonite in order to weaken him even further.
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