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James Lewis and Paul Laidlaw, both of them have a knack of buying stuff that usually makes a profit!

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In today's show David Harper reported that he had purchased a ladies gold watch for his bonus buy. Jejade05 Posts: Forum Member. My favourite expert is Anita Manning, both as an expert and when she holds the auctions, fantastic woman. My very least favourite is Charles Hanson, how they can call him an expert, I do not know. He fails miserably every time he's on, I dread seeing him. He bought a silver 'shaker' today that was bashed and dented and lost alot of money on it.

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I suspect that a number of dealers tell David Harper to bugger off but we don't get to see it. But when he is trying to sell the stuff he has bought on Put your money where your mouth is he is like a dog with a bone! Darrenm Posts: 1 Forum Member.

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David Harper is my out and out favourite - we met him once in his shop and he was just lovely and friendly, the same kate he is on TV. Second is David Barby loved him and David Harper an the antiques roadshow trip least fave is Mark Stacey, who really irritates and doesnt seem to know what he's doing either. Sexy Catherine, then Paul Laidlaw bliss plays BH the way it should be played, he steers the teams towards quirky things at a bargain price, yet they always make a profit at hot auction.

NormandyMary Pics Forum Member. James Lewis used to be our favourite, however Paul Laidlaw has now taken his place at No1 expert.

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His humour on the Antiques Road Trip had us in stitches at times, so dry but also very cheeky. I really would love him to get more telly time. If there was any justice in this world, he would take the place of the biggest patronising big headed plonker on antiques programmes, Paul Martin. Call me strange, but I've always had a bit of a crush on Kate Alcock, just something about her that I find very intriguing. Radiomaniac Posts: 43, Forum Member. Paul Laidlaw Wikipedia Marathi.

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kate bliss hot pics xxx blonde anal Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. I have never been keen on David Barby currently in Australia filming an Oz Bargain Hunt but I went to a Flog It Valuation day a couple of weeks ago and met him, he is a lovely man very smiley with a good sense of humour, he also had 2 black eyes because he had fallen down the steps at his local pub - Paul Martin said Tim Wonnacott had beaten him up. Mr Hogben is from my home town both born and trading here and has always had a reputation of being "well dodgy" When he started appearing on television he gained a veneer of respectability but locals still wouldn't trust him.
kate bliss hot pics lisa spraxx porn Kate Bliss is known as an expert in the areas of antiques and fine art, and has used that knowledge to present for countless BBC antiques programmes across the UK. Is it possible to explain why Kate Bliss has never fronted the bargain hunt program and I have never seen her become an auctioneer on the programme. Your email address will not be published. Born in year Her age as ofwhen we updated this post is around 44 years.
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