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Inthe FBI began investigating Moore for posting nude photos of women, some of which had been submitted by men who wished to humiliate the subjects. The results were harrowing for the victims.

‘I broke into my ex’s house to delete my nudes off his phone’

In addition to being slut-shamed and bullied on the internet, some of the women went so far as to quit their jobs and change their names. In other cases, revenge porn has even reportedly led to suicide. The site was shut down in Numerous reports have surfaced of hackers infiltrating cell phones, cloud storage sites, personal laptops and other digital spaces where people commonly store intimate photos.

I was well aware he had a boob shot of me on his phone yes, shameless, I know and the thought he might revenge-share it was very real. I arrived at his house super late at night when I knew he would be asleep, snuck through his window while he was snoring up a storm, grabbed his phone, scrolled through his photos, found the offending shot and deleted it total dram island girls having sex commando-rolling the heck out of there.

It got me thinking, though: Are these the lengths women now have to go to in order to protect themselves online? Of the 5, single adults between the ages of 21 and 75 who were surveyed, 23 percent reported sharing the sexts they received with an average of more than three different friends. When nude trying to take a selfie on the down-low and you cut your head off and your thong turns out to be the focus point.

Nailed it. Chicago Sun-Times.

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Fox 4 News. Retrieved October 22, KMBC 9 News. The Seattle Times. Retrieved June 29, When the automated answering system picked up, I would type in the number Beau had given me.

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After seven failed attempts, one of the companies finally recognized the number and asked me to verify the account by answering a security question. He'd been stupid enough to set the account up with my real information. Within minutes I was able to access phone records online.

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The first five calls and texts were from William's personal cell phone number. You could see where he'd sent photos from his own phone to the prepaid phone. After I showed everything israelian free site sex filmes my employer, William was fired.

I assumed the worst was over, but one year later, I was subpoenaed to testify against him in his wrongful termination lawsuit. HR had known about this for eight months but failed to let me know I was their key witness until the week before. Nude hearing stretched out over two weeks. William hired a young female attorney who built an entire case on portraying me as a promiscuous man-eater. She had no actual information to pull from, other than William's insistence that I'd slept with half the office, including Beau and the HR investigator.

He'd also told her that I'd been disciplined draw hentai my "slutty wardrobe," which was easily disproved with a review of my personnel file. When the judge told her to make an actual point with her accusations, she began shaming me for sending the photos in the first place. To further my humiliation, she placed a document in front of me. It was a full-page printout of my naked body.

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Most of these images are being automatically backed up into cloud storage, which we know is not always secure. It makes sense to do a bit of a digital clean-up every now and then. Nude through your pics and check that any that you have of yourself, and of your ex's, are stored securely, delete any that you'd feel embarrassed about if they were stolen and circulated online.

Use two-factor authentication on your accounts, and use encrypted platforms for sending your nudes to a partner. But at the end of the day, just as with online banking, it is possible that your private property could be hacked and stolen, and it's not the victim's fault if someone else chooses to commit a cyber crime of that sort.


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my ex s nude having women in leotards Kayleigh sent the playful snaps when her boyfriend was working interstate — but when they broke up, he got in touch with a brutal threat. Just because you took the naked pictures, or sent them to someone else, doesn't mean they can share them further. Picture: iStock Source:istock. Welcome to Sisters In Law, news. This week, our resident lawyers and real-life sisters Alison and Jillian Barrett from Maurice Blackburn tackle your legal rights when it comes to revenge porn. Now my ex is threatening to post some sexy pictures I sent him while we were together and he was working interstate. How can I make him stop?