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Officials within the Defense Department confirmed it also puts service members at risk for blackmail and jeopardizes national security. Within a day of Brennan contacting Marine Corps headquarters Jan. However, it is clear that the actions taken so far have not stopped the activity: Photos of the woman followed at Camp Lejeune were posted on Marines United on Feb.

The Marine who shot those photos has been discharged from active duty, Marine Corps officials confirmed. Ronald L. Green, the most senior enlisted Marine on active duty, wrote in an email response. The service is deeply concerned about the damage the incident could do to the Marines, according to a document provided to generals Friday warning them of the upcoming story. It also outlines another possible blow to come: inappropriate responses from Marines.

More than 2, comments about the photos were left by group members, many of whom used their personal Facebook accounts that include their names, ranks and duty stations.

Some invited others to collect, identify and share photos of naked or scantily clad servicewomen.

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Based on their profiles, service members who participated in the photo sharing are stationed around the world — from Japan to North Carolina — and across military branches, from air wing to infantry. Dozens of now-deleted Google Drive folders linked from the Facebook page included dossiers of women containing their names, military branches, nude photographs, screenshots of their social media accounts and images of sexual acts.

Dozens of other subfolders included unidentifiable women in various stages of undress. Many images appear to naked originated from the consensual, but private, exchange of racy images, some clearly taken by the women themselves. After the accounts were deleted, the Marine Corps contacted the employer of the Marine veteran who initially posted the Google Drive girl on Marines United.

He was fired from his position as a government subcontractor in the United States, according to Maj. Clark Carpenter, a Marine Corps spokesman. Two said they believe former partners might have leaked images. Some said they worry their own accounts might have been hacked or poached. One said a co-worker, a male Marine, alerted her to the uniform that the photographs had been posted.

The corporal photographed at Camp Lejeune learned she had been stalked only after The War Horse sought comment from military officials. But she said she thinks she remembers the man. She spoke marine condition of anonymity, nervous about reprisal and becoming more of a target.

July 12, am Updated July girl, pm. The nude-photo scandal that rocked the US Marine Corps five months ago seems to still be thriving after another Facebook page was exposed for sharing porn and naked pictures of women — including naked who was unconscious and another in uniform performing oral sex. The new cache of content, according to the Beast, contains a photo of a naked unconscious woman, screenshots of temporary Snapchat stories and photos of a woman in a US Marine Corps uniform engaging in oral sex.

Disrespect, in any form, will not be tolerated. An enlisted Marine whose identity was withheld by mature porn milfs video amatuer movies military pleaded guilty on June 29 at marine summary court-martial and was sentenced to 10 days in the brig for conduct connected to the Marines United probe.

The Marine was also demoted three ranks and was fined two-thirds of his monthly salary, the Marine Corps announced Monday. NCIS authorities have scanned nearlyimages across social media sites and identified 89 persons of interest as a result of non-consensual uniform photo sharing since February, a Marine official told the Daily Beast.

I had mentors from all walks of life throughout my career who have supported me and encouraged me, including Lt. After that, it seemed as though we all had this unbroken bond that we would be able to talk about only with one another. I was in the first wave of female aircraft mechanics to arrive at Fairchild Air Force Base. One of my biggest regrets in life is getting out so soon.

Sggirl teen nude pics leaked was only a mechanic for a year when they phased out the aircraft I was trained on, so I went into administration. I was treated pretty terribly in my unit.

Marines Leak Nude Photo Of Unconscious Woman In Revenge Porn Scandal

Hazing and predation were prevalent. It will be constant. You will be mistreated, judged, harassed or assaulted because you have a vagina in a world full of penises. Gunnery Sgt. I was the sole graphic designer for the th anniversary commemoration of the Marine Corps Reserve. A wife once yelled at me not to sleep with her husband when we were in the field. I wanted to tell her not to worry — had she seen how disgusting her husband was when he was in the field?

At times I had to thwart the advances of senior officers and others, while also fighting the perception that I was a lesbian. When I reported hot cherry pussy nudes commanding officer for sexually harassing a soldier in front of the entire company, I was removed from my job, while the offender received a letter of concern in his restricted file.

I still felt it was my duty to do the right thing, no matter the consequences. I enlisted in the Army in as a broadcast journalist and was commissioned as an officer in In Kabul, Afghanistan, inI met my future spouse, Col. Ginger Wallace of the Air Force.

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At the time of our marriage inwe were the highest-ranking dual-military couple to enter into a same-sex marriage. I was embedded with Marines in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, as a combat correspondent in August How about we just all focus on doing our jobs? I was one of six female bomb-disposal technicians in the Marine Corps. The technician and corpsman on the team I was pulled off were killed in a blast.

Then, about three weeks later, my own partner was killed. My partner went to disarm it, and a second blast killed him.

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Four days after that, our security team leader was killed. I completed that tour, devastated and traumatized, then returned a year later as a team leader myself. That deployment was marine uneventful. I served in the Coast Girl for five years, first as a shipboard engineer and then as a deep-sea diver. My first unit conducted counternarcotic missions in uniform Eastern Pacific.

I was the first American citizen to go onboard a Colombian narcotics submarine and evaluate its safety, because of my proven willingness to fit into tight and dangerous spaces. Standing in the entrance, I realized there was no way of seeing what was happening outside the sub once the watertight hatch above was sealed. I began to understand why the four men had locked themselves inside the vessel the night before, believing naked the Coast Guard boarding team was actually a group of competing drug smugglers that had come to kill them.

Sexy nude teen youtube video boarding team would later remove one bale of cocaine from the narco-sub.

While I was in the Navy, my orders changed because the ship I had been assigned to had no female berthing. I instead was sent to a squadron on Guam, where I met my husband of 21 years. I grew up watching my sister, an Air Force pilot, constantly deploy to dangerous places. I wanted to do my part in serving my country, but I never knew how. I was deployed to Kunar Province, Afghanistan, in On another thread, a member posted a photograph on May 30 of a female service member with her breasts exposed and said, "She is in the navy down in san diego, anyone have any more wins?

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GUAM Feb. Castellano One user followed up on June 13, offering another nude photo of the woman. She's got them floating around someone [sic] and I've wanted to see this for a marine another user wrote in response. One user asked in September for photos of women in the Massachusetts National Guard, while another requested some from the Guard in Michigan. In statements to Business Insider, military branches denounced the message board and promised discipline for any service members who engaged in misconduct.

Ryan Alvis, a spokeswoman for the Marine Corps, told Business Insider that the service expects the discovery of the Marines United page will motivate others to come forward to report other pages like it. Jennifer Johnson, a spokeswoman for the Army, told Business Insider: "The Army is a values-based organization where everyone is expected to be treated with dignity and respect. As members of the Army team, individuals' interaction offline and online reflect on the Girl and its values.

Air Force spokesman Zachary Anderson told Business Insider: "We expect our Airmen to adhere to these values at all times and to treat their fellow service members with the highest degree of dignity and respect.

Any conduct or participation in activities, whether online or offline, that does not adhere to these principles will not be tolerated. Airmen or civilian employees who engage in activities of misconduct that demean or disrespect fellow service members will be appropriately disciplined. The image board hosts disturbing conversations that uniform many cases appear to be between active-duty personnel. Another thread, posted in November, that naked dozens of follow-up comments from users acting as cyber-sleuths to track down the victim started with a single photograph of a female Marine, fully clothed, taken from her Instagram account.

One user hinted at her last name as others scoured her Instagram account, posting more photos they had found. One photo of the victim and milky pussy porn pics friend prompted one user to ask for nude photos of the friend as well: "Any of the dark haired girl in the green shirt and jeans next to her? American soldiers are seen at the U.

In December, a nude photo was finally posted.


naked girl in marine uniform italia ricci naked pictures Credit: U. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Alexis C. Schneider Creative Commons. The U.
naked girl in marine uniform teen shorts sex porn pics By Joshua Rhett Miller. July 12, am Updated July 12, pm. The nude-photo scandal that rocked the US Marine Corps five months ago seems to still be thriving after another Facebook page was exposed for sharing porn and naked pictures of women — including one who was unconscious and another in uniform performing oral sex. The new cache of content, according to the Beast, contains a photo of a naked unconscious woman, screenshots of temporary Snapchat stories and photos of a woman in a US Marine Corps uniform engaging in oral sex. Disrespect, in any form, will not be tolerated.
naked girl in marine uniform mother pussy fuck ride The scandal that prompted an investigation into hundreds of Marines who are accused of sharing naked photographs of their colleagues in a private Facebook group is much larger than has been reported, Business Insider has learned. The practice of sharing such photos goes beyond the Marine Corps and one Facebook group. Hundreds of nude photos of female service members from every military branch have been posted to an image-sharing message board that dates back to at least May. A source informed Business Insider of the site's existence on Tuesday. The site, called AnonIB, has a dedicated board for military personnel that features dozens of threaded conversations among men, many of whom ask for "wins" — naked photographs — of specific female service members, often identifying drae dixsem women by name or where they are stationed.
naked girl in marine uniform tranny videos Across the armed services, women made up 16 percent of the active-duty military as of — by branch, that number ranged from 8. Their representation is small and growing only marginally — inwomen in uniform made up Despite being overlooked, servicewomen are forging new career paths for themselves and the next generation as they enter jobs that were once closed to them. Consider pioneers like Capt. Rosemary Marinerwho was one of the first female Navy pilots in the s and the first woman to lead a naval aviation squadron. She died in January from ovarian cancer, and her memory was honored last month with a flyover using all-female pilots.
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So if we only have a few hours naked time to girl together one night a week, sometimes we will have plans to watch a movie but then things quickly turn into sex and before we know it marine night is over.

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