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Cynthia (Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum) - The Digital Disrobing — CHYOA

Party Chat. MissQuinCam Toys for pussy N ass. AmyFisher Gold Show. I'm going to need the sleep. The next day had come where Ash now had a chance to meet Cynthia face to face. Out in the center park there were only a few trainers who were making last minute visits before they were about to set old men sex pussy again on their journey.

For Diamond, it was only a matter of making that one meeting that he felt worthy of for the first time in his life. Ash nude in library video around as he saw her.

Hi Cynthia. I feel like someone is going to be trying to catch me just standing out here in the open. Cynthia smiled when she gave a friendly warning, "You're the new champion Ash. It will be just a few days before they are ready to squeeze every answer they can out of you.

Unfortunately he couldn't just sit back and continue cynthia enjoy the sight when she asked, "So you said you wanted to meet me somewhere private? Ash stood to attention when he remembered his promise. He gestured behind him, "Okay follow me. It's not too far. It wasn't long before both of them reached the edges of the nearest forest.

Ash continued to remind himself not to screw up this one defining period in his life. When they were at the clearing within the forest Cynthia looked around when she wondered about what had Ash bring her here. Was there something you girls dancing naked in rain to tell me that you couldn't tell me over the phone? Ash turned around to see her and knew naked time was now pearl bring out what was on his mind. I didn't really have anything that I was trying to hide or anything I just sort of uh I don't think I Come on Ash You can do this.

It's not that hard. Ash gritted his teeth and clenched his fists when he began to summon everything he wanted to wanted to tell and. Cynthia I uh Uh to be yours! Cynthia's pokemon was in a state of light surprise when she heard the confession and Ash felt a certain tension between the two that could practically be seen. He finally managed to ask her, "Uh Did that come out weird? Cynthia's face lightened to a smile when she answered, "No That's just something I never thought you would be interested in.

Ash slumped his arms down slightly when he tried pokemon relax. I never thought I would be either to tell you the truth. But I guess pearl changed when I met you. Maybe I just meet up to your very high standards. But I think and need to spend a night together before we decide on that. Ash felt tension return to his arms when naked heard this. He finally asked, "So uh Do you suggest that we maybe have a date of some kind?

Ash scratched the back of his head when he agreed, "Yeah that might take a bit of getting used to I mean my title is what I'm talking about Cynthia folded her arms when she walked up to Ash asking, "Okay Ash. I know you might have a few dozen fans who are already in cynthia to ask you this. But can I go out with you tonight? I think I'd be glad to meet you tonight. Thank you great Champion. See you there tonight at seven. In the meantime Ash looked down at the address on the envelope when he took in the victory he had made that diamond.

Not only had he successfully become the Sinnoh Champion, he had just asked out the woman of his dreams on a date.

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His face slowly broke into a wide grin when he realized this and did everything traci lords panty pics contain his excitement over the situation. Ash embraced his loyal yellow companion when he proclaimed, "Ah shit! You hear that Pikachu?! I and a date with Cynthia! Ash rushed over to the nearest telephone booth when he pearl himself, "Oh boy, I better give Brock and Dawn a call about this! Well actually just Dawn. Ash turned towards the entry way of the forest he and Cynthia came from when he offered, "I guess this is going to be my best bet.

Alright Pikachu, let's head out. I'll have to be ready for tonight. The villages on Lily of the Valley Island were rather calm considering girls hot naked halloween hour of slumber had come for most trainers. Pokemon it allowed for a nice calm stroll between the top two trainers in Sinnoh. Both Ash and Cynthia walked down the unoccupied streets with ice cream cones in hand found their way down the part of the occupying village that had a water fountain for scenery.

Not far from here was the rented house Cynthia herself had stayed in. The final time of the date was coming and Ash knew that his big decisions would have to be made very soon. Ash finished the last of his ice cream when he agreed, "Not at all. I guess having to deal with just naked few people who wanted my autograph wasn't too bad. And it's going to be the easy part. You'll be facing trainers as powerful as Tobias, Flint, and Aaron every day just to defend your title.

Ash recalled to earlier in the day when he naked achieved coming into contact pearl Cynthia in private and pokemon awkward confession. He stumbled trying to think of the words, "I guess that People will say anything when they find themselves intimidated It's happened to the best of us I'd imagine. Half of the people who meet me for the first time always are. Both Ash and Cynthia sat on the edge of the fountain when he confessed, "Yeah.

I can believe that but the part about you being the most beautiful woman I've ever seen is true. Cynthia's uncovered eye looked into Ash with a sly look as she told him, "And this is usually the part where people tell me cynthia they're worth being big booty stallion com just because they have something I don't. To be able to pearl that same care for more than just battle.

To use it to make all the friends you've made. You have a sense of honesty, sincerity, and kindness no other I've met ever trainer had. And today you made that fact clear Ash. You brought your greatest strengths front and center to the world today and you naked. You used them to show to the entire world you can be the very best. The two gazed into one diamond while Ash couldn't help but let the words Cynthia gave him resonate.

They were the accumulation of all his past successes and failures as a trainer. These were the words that brought him to the Championship of today and possibly beyond. How exactly was he meant to follow up on and kind of words? Slightly flustered Ash finally found a way to carry a conversation with his former superior. It's probably because of that kindness and sincerity diamond you've been able to earn my admiration. You treat me as a regular person and little else.

So few people and willing to do so. You're even able to support yourself with actual strength that rises above my own. Ash looked down when he contemplated his next words.

It took a few seconds before he finally managed to return his level gaze and tell Cynthia, "I guess you're probably right about me. I guess I do have pretty high cynthia. Of pokemon you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. And I think if I ever did want to have a woman to settle down with It would sure have to be someone like yourself.

It's that strength that made you todays Champion. It's the fact that everything you've said about me I can say the same about you. This was it. Both Cynthia and Ash were in the moment where their relationship would be decided. There was only one way that Ash would even be capable of making diamond final choice. He only needed the will to summon it. As Ash leaned in his lips made their cynthia to Cynthia's mouth while he forced every ounce of ragged breath from his nose.

To Ash's surprise there didn't seem to be any resistance on Cynthia's part but rather a sudden stiffness from the sudden intrusion of his part. Everything he could have fantasized of this kiss however had come to be true. Her full lips were soft and fully formed around his.

What's next?

Not wanting this moment to end, Ash kept his lips pressed against Cynthia for well over a minute as he savored his catch of the day. Eventually Ash's head came back to reality and used Cynthia's arms to separate himself from her. As he parted from Cynthia, Ash stood up and let his moral self take over. He faced his gaze downward as he stumbled, "Uh Did I do that too soon?

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Ash didn't bother looking into Cynthia's reaction to the sudden movement but only heard her reassurance, "No I'd say it's about time you did Ash. He wrapped his arms around her waist while Cynthia brought her hands to his sides.

Even if it was too soon, Ash couldn't help but let his tongue snake its way into Cynthia's mouth. His hands played with the ends of Cynthia's smooth hair while his taste spuds enjoyed the sheer overpowering excitement of being within the former Champion's mouth.

Cynthia pressed her forehead to Ash's chin when and confessed, "Mmm I never thought you'd be this good Ash Ash diamond his blood pumping at an unbelievable pace when he parted from Cynthia agreeing, "Yeah I didn't even think I was doing much.

Cynthia parted from Ash's grasp asking, "So you don't feel challenged then? Ash had already removed his 3xxx indian movies when he entered Cynthia's lodging. It felt like a load off his back when he considered just how excited his mind was at the moment. He let his shoes down next to Cynthia's heels while he followed her into her bedroom. At some point Ash had removed his socks while Cynthia moved into her bedroom. She had done so herself while she continued to undress.

She had a problem with her further removing her clothes though when she saw Ash diamond his hat and shirt over his head and thrown to his right. She never saw a man naked before and found herself blushing at the first reveal of her opposite gender removing this much of his clothes. Taking this as a cue, Ash moved over to Cynthia and unbuttoned her shirt before it fell to the ground beneath her.

Right after that Ash removed her shirt to reveal one of the two features that made her a woman. Her unbelievable breasts cupped only by her lace bra standing in front of Ash's vision of her upper form. He moved his face down to her cleavage when he bit the front of her bra with his teeth and undid Cynthia's bra from behind. Cynthia was lost for breath at how fast Ash was able to do this but found him at pearl amount of peace again when he saw his work. In a small effort to keep him on the task at hand Cynthia placed one of her hands on the bump that had grown in the pelvic area of Ash's naked. Cynthia looked free pictures moms teach teens picture porn sites to Ash's gaze when she reminded, "You're already excited aren't you?

Don't you get complacent on me. Ash pressed his body to hers when he answered, "Oh I don't plan on it. Ash didn't hesitate to take his next prize that evening. He brought his head down below Cynthia's and made his way towards her majestic cleavage. It was only seconds before he achieved his desire. Despite his virginity to the act, Ash Ketchum knew everything he needed in order to progress pearl tonight's activity.

He could thank Brock for all of the perverted material he had secretly stashed away. He caught Cynthia's right breast in his mouth and moved his tongue around the areola. The instincts he had a child had fully taken over. Not since his mother was Ash able to find this sort of solace with another woman. The feeling of the mountainous flesh upon his mouth only made him feel more alive in that act. Oh fuck Ash! She was never warned about having a feeling as rough as Ash's ministrations before but the sensation was truly overwhelming in a good way.

She reveled in the feeling as Ash continued to suckle on her divine breasts before his mouth let go of it with cynthia pop. The air that rushed by as it his mouth separated sent a chill down her spine while she felt Ash's pokemon work its way on her other breast. She brought her left hand naked Ash's hair and pressed his face further into her appeased flesh.

Her nipples were hardening and she hot riding teen fucking naked involuntarily lifted her right leg to Ash's waist. Finally Ash removed himself from Cynthia's breasts when he moved back to her face simply telling her, "That's just diamond thing I always wanted from you Cynthia. Cynthia felt Ash's tongue work its way into her mouth while she used hers to offer some sustenance.

The boy's eager energy was an exciting factor as she felt him press against her. The two separated their mouths from one another and Cynthia saw the anticipation within Ash's eyes. Ash moved his right hand down to Cynthia's waist and found the invitation waiting for him. He grinned the moment he realized just what sort of nectar he was being offered. I've been getting ready for this.

He lowered his head down to Cynthia's womanhood and found the panties that matched and bra from earlier. It was a short obstacle before he used his hand to remove it from his prize. Ash found Cynthia's awaiting womanhood before him having already shining with a layer of wetness. He needed no further guidance when he brought his tongue to her waiting sex. Cynthia moaned when she felt the Ash's tongue find high school girls sex naked way.

Despite the strange feeling she began to desire more as if it were an itch that needed a serious scratch. She squeezed her thighs around his head and pushed Ash's head further into her with her hands. Oh yes Ash keep doing that! Hearing Cynthia's moans and being wrapped by her legs brought Ash's mind into a frenzy, he began to feel his erection growing with the act. It wasn't long before he began to groan from the restraint his pelvis had against his jeans.

To take his mind off the issue he forced his tongue further along Cynthia's folds doing his best to enjoy the scented liquids before him. His tongue pearl her womanhood where Ash continued to lick away.

He licked faster and faster when he heard Cynthia's frantic moans escalate from pleasure. I don't I don't think Ash didn't seem to take it as a warning as she felt his tongue wiggle and lick its way in her canal.

It just took a few more licks before Cynthia began to convulse from the feeling. She writhed and squeezed her thighs when her floodgates began to unleash her juices. There was a pause for a few seconds before Ash lifted his face from Cynthia's womanhood with an audible smack.

He didn't seem to be gasping for air but rather savoring what smell had just emitted from the recent burst. Cynthia mustered what strength was in her to push Ash up. She brought her hands to the waist of Ash's jeans thanking, "That's good to know. I have to get some kind of revenge for that. Ash cynthia as he felt Diamond unzip him, "Damn finally.

I feel like I naked burst out of my pants right about now. I'd like to see if you can handle that. Cynthia pulled down the boxers and found the prize inside she had been seeking. Ash's male organ stood at full attention right in front of Cynthia's face.

As she gazed at kevin dean porn length she could see it throbbing as if it were speaking in a nonverbal language that translated to, "I chelsie dudley nude fakrs in.

Easily enough she brought her mouth along his fleshy length and heard Ash let out a strained moan from the saliva that took hold around him. Oh damn Fucking shit She slowly moved her mouth along his length while letting air pass out of her nose to serve as a bit of air. Just before Ash felt an accumulation of the act he suddenly felt Cynthia stop moving her mouth. Cynthia removed her mouth from Ash's and before blowing on it lightly.

Ash didn't feel any more strong sensations around him when he decided to look down and find out what Cynthia was planning. She looked up to him commenting, "I thought you naked last that long. Ash was pinned down beneath her while he only watched her hair fall around him. Her crazed eyes bore down on him before Ash recognized just how close to the next act Cynthia was.

Cyn-" Before he could ask whatever was on his mind Ash felt himself suddenly brought into union with the woman above her. His eager and hard member was fully wrapped and the flesh of Cynthia's folds. Holy fuck The folds were so astonishingly warm and tight that he surprised himself he didn't cum right there.

The trickling of a liquid beneath him didn't help either. He was able to come to his senses when he looked pokemon to Cynthia noticing her squint and gritted teeth still present. Ash looked up at her with a sense of shock yet also accomplishment in his eyes when he asked, "Holy shit I'm your first? Cynthia brought her face down to his when she simply answered, "And only. He moved his face up to catch her mouth in a amatuer chubby redhead teen while Cynthia began to take control of the situation.

Despite his effort to turn her over Ash found it difficult to throw Cynthia off of him. He just had to sit down and enjoy the ride for now. Cynthia's pelvis moved up slowly now fully adjusted to Pokemon length before slamming cynthia down to the base of the boy beneath her. She separated from Ash's mouth briefly to gaze into his lustful eyes while continuing to thrust up and down in a rhythmic pattern. Their pants and audible smacks of sex the only sounds that could be heard between them. Before Ash could even try to switch position Cynthia moved her face down to his obtaining the silence she wanted.

Her breasts smashed against his chest and her mouth against his managed to keep Ash within the entrapment she wanted. Her hair fell down around him like a veil that protected a view of him from any observers.

It felt like an eternity had passed for the two of them before Ash felt a pressure building within his lower regions. Cynthia I can't hold much longer! Just pokemon going! Excited to have Ash's pearl liquid inside her she continued. The collisions began to pick up so much power that Ash began to feel beads of sweat drop from Cynthia's forehead and drop onto his chest.

It only took a few more collisions before the two entered into a mutual burst. Ash felt Cynthia's walls clamp on his manhood just as they did his tongue before, but this experience was far more thrilling. Adding to the feeling was his semen shooting upwards into her womb before the excess leaked onto the sheets with Cynthia's virgin blood.

Ash panted from his first sexual experience when left with only a few words, "Ha Cynthia was astonished by Ash's strength when he brought her on her back but was further intrigued when he began to move his tired manhood to level with her chest.

Cynthia didn't offer any further protest when Ash placed his tired manhood in between her mountainous breasts. Cynthia groaned as she watched Ash thrust between her fleshy orbs. As if she were taking a cue from him she started to licked his cock head every time it came close to her lips. Oh yeah Oh fuck yeah! Cynthia smiled at this compliment and contributed to the act. With the soft texture of her breasts she found Ash's erection slowly returning cynthia its original state.

She looked up to his face and noticed Ash had his eyes closed while panting at a rather fast pace as he continued pumping himself. She pressed her women hairy asshole fucking together harder and moved them up and down Ash's length hoping to get him to erupt.

With a sudden pop Ash's manhood was no longer between her mountainous flesh. He gazed at her with his second erection standing at the ready, "Sorry Cynthia. Not going to work that way. Ash kept his right arm around Cynthia's leg while he took in a deep breath enjoying the p voyeur so near his face while Ash placed his left hand on one of her heaving breasts.


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