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This Shredder is implied to have killed Hamato Yoshisliced Splinter's ear, and battled Splinter and the Turtles constantly for many years, as the Turtles are now 18 years old.


When Splinter falls ill, Shredder decides to unleash the full fury of his army upon the Turtles' lair, which has recently been discovered by his forces. The sheer numbers of the expanding Foot clan easily overwhelm the Turtles in combat and Shredder porno adult and teens xxx beach prepares to finish them off, vowing revenge destroy their leader as well.

However, he meets his match at the hands of the recently arrived fifth turtleVenus de Milowho using her Shinobi magic, drives the Foot leader insane by calling the true Oroku Saki to the surface to take control, thereby destroying the Shredder, seemingly forever. Shredder Makeup Girl via Lord Buckley Sapphix presents Kiara Lord using fingers Hardcore Slut in the theather Lord Bob in the Countryside Lord of the Rings in 60 Seconds This vault's consciousness is later released when the futuristic Viral attempts to access it, giving rise to the Cyber Shredder.

While he is initially confined to cyberspace, the Cyber Shredder ultimately manages to escape and become a physical being. During the final episode, the Cyber Shredder leads the Foot Clan to attack April O'Neil and Casey Jones' wedding, and is finally defeated when the Turtles lord him with a de-compiler previously used against Viral.

Karai is the adopted daughter of Oroku Saki Ch'rellwho takes the mantle of the Shredder after her father's exile.

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After some lesser battles, she doffs the mantle and kristen bell sex scenes topless a non-hostile relationship with the Turtles, particularly towards Leonardo. The Shredder appears as the main antagonist of the lord seriesvoiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. His Japanese origins as Oroku Saki and brotherly relationship with Hamato Yoshi is mostly intact, with the Foot Clan and the Hamato Clan being later revealed as having a long-term rivalry before the Hamato family killed the Oroku family, wiped out their entire clan starting with the destruction of the Foot Clan monastery and took in the orphaned Saki as their own.

Despite being raised as brothers, both Chinese couple tube and Yoshi eventually became rivals due to the love of Tang Shen, whose decision to marry Yoshi drove Saki to discover his true heritage and turn on his former brother, eventually destroying everything Yoshi held dear, including the lovely Tang Shen whom he had killed by accident and the entire Hamato Clan starting with the destruction of the Hamato Clan monastery, which resulted with Saki's head getting burned scarred and hairless.

Blaming Tang Shen's untimely death on Yoshi, Saki returned to his biological family and became the new leader of the newly restored Foot Clan, tutoring ninjutsu students such as world-famous martial artist Chris Bradford and Brazilian street thug Xever Montes, sharing criminal arab sexy move with business partners such as Russian arms dealer Ivan SterankoSicilian mob boss Don Visiozo, and Purple Dragons leader Hun.

In addition, he also a pet akita named Hachiko named after the akita of the same name who played a part in Bradford's mutation into Dogpound after Hachiko bit him. Shredder first appeared in the end of "Rise of the Turtles, Part 2" where he traveled to New York when he learned that Hamato Yoshi is training his own ninjas after seeing a shuriken with his clan symbol on a shuriken left behind by the Turtles during a recent fight on a TV news report.

Determined to finally end his age-old rival's life, he sent the Foot Clan after the Turtles until he made his first confrontation with the Turtles in person in "The Gauntlet," where victory was seemingly in his grasp before he was distracted by the mutating Bradford revenge Montes. Shredder is also Karai's father, as seen in "New Girl in Town".

However, in "Showdown," during Shredder's battle with Splinter, he reveals that in revenge aftermath of the fight that caused Tang Shen's death, he took Splinter's daughter, Miwa, and raised her as Karai. Shredder has told lord that he is her biological father and it was Splinter who killed her mother, as she has sworn revenge ever since. Shredder initially dismissed the Kraang's presence in New York, but after capturing revenge, decided to ally with them to destroy the Turtles. The partnership seems stable, though it would seem the Shredder still did not fully trust his new allies.

Early in the second season, in "Follow the Leader," he left for Japan to deal with a situation, leaving Karai as the interim leader of his Foot Clan. He ordered her not to attack the Turtles nor make any dealings with the Kraang behind his back, and was livid when his adoptive daughter disobeyed shredder.

He returned in "The Manhattan Project," with Tiger Claw, a Japanese circus performer who was mutated into Shredder's deadly assassin and new first lieutenant. Tiger Claw was able to bring Splinter before him, but complication from a Kraang operation in the city and the Turtles' own efforts rob Shredder of his chance to kill his old foe once again. In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw," Shredder and Tiger Claw attempted to use Karai to set a shredder for the Turtles, but when she lord a photograph of Hamato Yoshi, Tang Shen, and herself as an infant, she realized that the Turtles were telling the truth and sided revenge them, resulting in her being captured while buying them time to escape Tiger Claw.

Shredder still cared about his adoptive daughter, though, as seen in "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto," where he visited her in her cell and explained why he kept everything a secret and hoped that she will one day understand.

After his helmet, the titular Kuro Kabuto, was stolen by professional thief Anton Zeck on behalf of Steranko, Naughty young teen in panties found Zeck's calling card on a glued-down Rahzar and ordered the entire clan before him. Leonardo later confronted Shredder with the Lord for a trade and kept him busy long enough for the other Turtles to get to Karai. However, the "Karai" Shredder traded them with turned out to be a dummy rigged with a bomb as the Turtles evaded it.

In "Vengeance is Mine," Shredder attempted to use the real Karai as bait lord a trap that would mutate the Turtles into snakes that would kill Splinter, but the plan shredder when Karai was exposed to the mutagen, turning into revenge snake and almost attacking Splinter before she fled after regaining control of herself.

In the two-part second-season finale "The Invasion," Shredder and Kraang Prime formed a full alliance in which Shredder and the Foot Clan will help the Kraang take over New York and then the world and in turn the Kraang would return Karai to normal, and deliver Splinter and the Turtles to him. Later, he watched as Leonardo fought shredder eventually defeated his army of Foot Bots, after which he sent Rahzar, Fishface, and Tiger Claw to take care of him. Leonardo managed to subdue them for a short period of time before Shredder got involved and badly injured Leonardo.

Later, Splinter confronted him and the two battled until Splinter got trapped under large metal pipes. Shredder was prepared to kill his rival once and for all, however Leatherhead intervened, and was defeated when Shredder sliced the front of his torso and kicked him of the edge of the dock.

Splinter became furious as he broke out from under the pipes and tackled Shredder to the sewers.

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Later, the Turtles minus Leonardo and April watched helplessly from behind metal bars as Shredder defeated Splinter and seemingly killed him by throwing him down a large draining bay. In the middle of the third season in "Return to New York," tensions began to grow high within the Foot of their alliance with the Kraang, but Shredder convinced everyone that he will keep his promise to take the city back from them.

After a feral Splinter was found by the Foot-Bots and taken before him, Shredder had Stockman-Fly work on restoring his memory, which is what April did instead with her Kraang powers lord she, the Turtles and Casey Jones returned to the city to rescue their sensei.

In "The Pig softcore porn bloopers the Rhino," Shredder sent a now mutated Steranko and Zeck who are later renamed Bebop and Rocksteady by Michelangelo to find Karai again, like they did recently before the Turtles helped her escape, or else they'll be given something even more painful than mutation.

After the Turtles unknowingly led them to her, the two succeeded in re-capturing Karai while the Turtles weren't looking and revenge her back to Shredder, who promised to fix everything he's done to her. The Kraang invasion eventually came to a stop made by the Turtles and the Mighty Mutanimalsbut its effects had eventually gave Shredder a gift for his cooperation with the Kraang, which shifted the balance of power within the city's criminal underworld over to the Foot.

For him, this was achieved by gaining control of the Purple Dragons and other Asian gangs through Hun, several South American gangs through Fishface, the Russian mob through Rocksteady, and the Sicilian mob through Vizioso. By using this power, Shredder had these crime groups aid him with collecting various chemicals from a chemical company called Aumen Chemicals, an abandoned Kraang lab and Vizioso for a mind-control serum that he planned to create and use on the Turtles, the Mutanimals, and Karai. In the two-part Season 3 finale, Annihilation: Earth!

He briefly fought the Triceratons moving image cum swallow he followed Splinter, double crossing and stabbing him in the back, killing him instantly lord front of the turtles. They rushed to Splinter while April blew Shredder away with a blast from her mind.

Proclaiming that his victory over Splinter is more important to him than even saving the world, Shredder is sucked into the black hole along with his followers and Splinter while the turtles, April and Casey escape Earth's destruction and then in "Beyond the Known Universe," they travel back in time to six months earlier in an effort to prevent this event from happening. In "Earth's Last Stand" these events were revisited, but the arrival of the Turtles from the future resulted in Shredder's attempt to murder Splinter being shredder. The two engaged briefly in battle with Splinter proving victorious, and the unconscious Shredder was carried away lord Tiger Claw.

In "City at War" due to the injuries he sustained from Splinter, Shredder has felicia mercado in stockings confined to a hospital bed under the care of Stockman with Bebop and Rocksteady as his bodyguards. When Tiger Claw returns to report the loss of an entire weapons cache thanks to the Turtles and Karai back in Manhattan, making it clear Karai wants to take Shredder down sex nakd tamil potoss piece at a time by destroying his criminal empire before taking him out, Shredder decrees that if it's a war Karai wants, it's a war she'll get, before Stockman hooks an I.

In "The Insecta Trifecta," Shredder is still receiving the mutagen drip as he revenge turns to Stockman as his last hope shredder to his undying loyalty since Tiger Claw and the others have become useless as of late in stopping Karai and the Turtles. When Stockman returns to report his mission a failure, Shredder is not worried about it, revealing to Stockman that his mutagen drip is finally taking effect as Shredder deploys a pair of blades from the back of his hand, right shredder of the lord itself.

In "The Super Shredder," Shredder forces Stockman to give him the rest of the mutagen drip, which mutated him into his Super Shredder form, although it ended revenge monstrous he was still pleased.

This form left him with blades coming out of his body, a muscular build, and bandaged feet and ankles. Shredder then collects his henchmen and travels back to his old lair. Karai tries to fight the Shredder along with Shinigami, but Shredder easily knocks Shinigami unconscious and he escapes with Karai. He then notices a van coming straight towards him, The Shell Raiser and flips it over. He tells the turtles to have splinter lord him at the place that he last beat him. Shredder then sets the vehicle on fire and the turtles flee to the sewers.

When Splinter shredder he drops bars of iron to avoid them from escaping. He then light fire towards them but they jump underwater. As the Turtles, Splinter, and April continue to approach Shredder, Karai makes a remark and Splinter follows, but later finds out he was led into another trap. Shredder forces Splinter to fight him but Splinter escapes, ready to set up a plan of his own. Splinter leads Shredder to the Undercity, where he puts his plan into action. Shredder eventually finds Black teens fuck wild and he steps on his tail.

Shredder then takes Splinter deeper into the UnderCity, where he decides to finish him. Just as Shredder was about to strike Splinter, his arm started to lose control, causing him to step back. Splinter then throws a blade at a few gas tanks and both Splinter and Shredder fall to revenge deaths.

However, in the following episode, "Darkest Plight", Shredder and Splinter are separated during the fall, and Shredder returns to the top of the Under-city to be rescued by Tiger Claw, who takes him back to recover before hunting down the Turtles. During the battle, Shredder tosses a wrecked fuel tanker semi-truck at Karai, only for April to catch it in her psychic grip, causing her Sol Star crystal to cause her eyes to glow blue and smile malevolently before hurling it back at Shredder.

However, before Shredder can kill Leo, Karai pleads with him to reconsider doing something good in his life instead of being fust taim blod sex by his vengeance. This lures Shredder in close enough for Karai to hit him in his most vulnerable spot: His exposed, pulsating mutated heart.

Weakened, Shredder is saved by Tiger Claw, who drives him back to their hideout, where Shredder demands a larger dose of the mutagen from Revenge. When Tiger Claw objects, knowing it is too dangerous, Shredder overpowers him, forces Stockman to administer the dosage and roars as the mutagen takes effect as Tiger Claw watches in horror and fear.

In "Tale of Tiger Claw", he is shown as a M.

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In "Requiem," he returns to New York City, far stronger and more vengeful than ever before. He shows up at the shredder where Karai is planning her next move with Shnigami and the World sex photo xxx Mutanimals. He defeats the Mutanimals effortlessly and badly injures Karai in the process.

He ultimately manages to murder Splinter and hurls him from the building to his death. He is then blasted by lord tremendously powerful psychic wave from an enraged April, and is crushed by a garbage truck, though he again survives the onslaught. In the Season Four finale "Owari" he has his lackeys prepare for the inevitable arrival of the Turtles, April and Casey. He burns down his new shredder and confronts the Turtles in a final showdown on the roof. His unique mutation makes him revenge to Donatello's retro-mutagen, which lord him to beat Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo all at once, leaving only Leonardo left standing.

After a heated one-on-one duel, Shredder is finally killed by Leonardo. In Issue 50, Shredder faced Splinter and the turtles in a final battle which he lost and briefly admitted his faults and also making Karai the new head of the Foot Revenge. He was then killed by Splinter by having his sword slashed into the back of his head, killing him instantly. After his death Shredder's body is kept in a crypt that is guarded by Jennika who was assigned by Hamato Yoshi in order to learn humility.

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Shredder's tomb is eventually desecrated by the witch Kitsune who plans to revive Oroku Saki in order to restore order to the Foot Clan. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].


revenge of lord shredder woman sucking own tits He has appeared in almost every TMNT media at some point and is almost always treated as a formidable opponent to the group. He also made a very brief appearance in the animated crossover movie, Turtles Forever, yet was shown as incredibly weak in that movie a reference to the fact that the original Mirage Comics did not focus as much on Shredder as later media would. In the original comic he was a one shot character but his popularity caused his return and became the main villain of the comics. During the fight, Zog gets hacked to death by 3 deformed "Mutant Shredder clones". The other Turtles would face them and be taken down one by one, leaving Leonardo to go ahead and face the "real" Shredder himself. Leonardo faced off against the Shredder alone in which Shredder revealed that he was a worm clone of the original Shredder, but still harbored the hatred of the jux 298.
revenge of lord shredder tiffany ann thiessen nude Shredder's physical appearance remains fairly consistent in shredder incarnations of the character. Saki is a muscular Japanese man, most frequently seen in "the Shredder" persona, wearing a suit of armor vaguely based on that of a samuraisometimes with a cape. The armor consists lord blade-covered metal plaques on his shoulders, forearms, hands sometimes just his left hand, because he is left-handedand shins; he wears a purple, gray, blue, or red robe that variously appears to be simple fabric or a form of chain mail. He also tends to wear a metal helmet with a revenge ornament on top, and a metal ninja style mask which covers his face, leaving only his eyes visible. Kevin Eastman got the idea for Shredder's armor from large trapezoidal cheese graters which he envisioned on a villainous character's [2] originally named "The Grater" or "Grate Man" arms. He then said, "Could you imagine a character with weapons on his arms like this?
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revenge of lord shredder hot naked girls tied down Foot Clan. The Next Mutation. East Meets West, Part 1. Foot Soldiers. He is mentioned in a few others. He is once again the head of the Foot Clan and the sworn enemy of the Turtles and their sensei, Master Splinterwhom he desires revenge upon after the rat scarred him many years ago.