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Certainly, what makes Santa sexually appealing might vary from one person to the next.

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One other thing worth pointing out is that people are hornier than usual around the winter holidays. Dec 26pm. Claus with Christmas cookies she baked in her apartment.

Helayne Seidman. More On: santa claus. You better watch out: Mrs. Claus is really going to town on sex discrimination.

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Fort Wayne? Share Selection.

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Lois Weiss. Keith J. Claus, the elves and some reindeer — the choices are a bit limited for those looking to get into the holiday spirit on Pornhub.

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Perhaps Christmas itself is a cultural Daddy of sorts, a means of accessing a specific sort of sexual nostalgia. In terms of what comes up when one searches for Santa porn, theres somewhat santa a variety. Many of the videos play on that specific sort of submission. Claus on the naughty list has its perks. Most of the videos aimed at with gay and straight audiences portray the Santa character as the penetrator. These figures are generally commanding and confident. Plain, simple, and straight to the point.

Like ripping off a band-aid. It took a second for sex information to register, but the confused expression on my face was quickly replaced by one of pure revulsion.

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My dad was laughing now. Much older. Not really knowing what else to say, I made a move to get up and leave. I mean, c'mon.

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My face fell and tears welled up in my eyes. It was too much, too much new information to handle at once. Sex was revolting and Santa wasn't real? My childhood was over. Sure, I had heard whispers on the playground that Santa didn't exist, that he was just your parents the rumors of this grand Christmas hoax stretched all the way back to second grade, when Billy Hochman brought his Menorah in for Show and Tell and told us about something called Hanukkah but as a child who believed firmly in imagination, magic, and make-believe, I still held on to that tiny shred of hope.

And now here it was: independent confirmation from a reliable source telling me that Santa was a lie.


sex with santa claus the adventures of jimmy neutron xxx By Dean Balsamini. The Fort Wayne, Ind. Claus yet. Votaw, who lives in Inwood, last year became inspired to become the magical holiday persona after tiring of depressing daily news reports of mass shootings and men behaving badly. Actor pals who regaled her with feel-good stories of playing Santa brought back fond childhood memories of seeing St. Claus Facebook group. She made her live debut at a tree-lighting ceremony last year in upper Manhattan.
sex with santa claus sci fi sex girls naked Turns out a lot of adults are hoping for a much different kind of visit from Santa. As Pornhub reportsthere's a reliable peak in Santa-themed porn searches during the holiday season. So why are so many people hot for Santa? As a social psychologist who studies sex for a living, I have a few thoughts. This is why some people get off on clown porn, while others fantasize about becoming human cows—but those are stories for other articles. Why specifically are so many people drawn to Santa?
sex with santa claus sexy atlanta women naked It was a crisp, clear day in Decemberand I'd just been released from my 5th grade classroom for Winter Break. It had been a spectacular day, filled with candy canes and holiday cookies, an art project involving the creation of a cotton-ball snowman, and lots of Christmas cheer. In my neon windbreaker-clad arms, I carried home much of the work we had completed over the past month - a haiku, a colored map of the United States, an illustrated short story about the Titanic - and I was excited to show my parents everything I had done. So excited, in fact, that I barely paid any attention to the white permission slip that was included with big and natural com of my work. That night at dinner, my sister and I took turns recounting our days at school, as usual.
sex with santa claus christy mack eva angelina E very December, children around the world wait for a man with a white beard and a velvet suit to squeeze down their chimneys and leave presents under a coniferous tree. Meanwhile, adults busily fantasize about that same generous trespasser stuffing their own personal chimneys. Santa Claus is the most culturally and sexually in-demand man on Earth during holidays — and statistics prove it. But why does a Coca-Cola marketing gimmick turned quasi-religious capitalist icon double so effectively as a compelling character in seasonal porn? Why do so many people lay in bed at night imagining getting plowed by a married man?