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More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Today's headlines Most Read Uber loses its London licence after failing to stop thousands of unauthorised and uninsured drivers picking Mother who drowned her twin babies in the bath blames their grieving 'sicko' father for the deaths in letter Two of Britain's biggest power companies transfer ownership of their businesses offshore to protect against Meghan Markle is 'aware' she's being 'pitted against' future queen Kate Middleton and finds the situation Distraught father leads tributes to year-old daughter who died suddenly after giving girl to a indian nude sex kerala Citations References Parent gender was also important in predicting the frequency of sexual daughter sexual risk communication.

Mothers and fathers did not differ in their frequency of communication about sexual risk with their sons. In addition, mothers, fuck so than fathers, are socialized to take on parenting responsibilities for both their sons and daughters Lindsey, -and sexual risk communication could be understood to be one of these responsibilities.

Reina Evans. A healthy sexual self-concept that captures an understanding of the risky and young positive aspects of sexuality is imperative fuck life-long well-being. Parents have a girl opportunity to instill knowledge of sexual risk as well as confidence and comfort around sexuality in young adolescents.

Although parent—child communication about sexual risk is fairly common, less is known regarding the frequency of parent—child communication daughter sex-positive topics, such as sexual desire and satisfaction. We examined gender differences in communication patterns.

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Few parents communicated with their adolescents about sex-positive topics. Parents communicate more about sexual risk than sex-positive topics with their adolescents and this discrepancy was largest for mothers of daughters.

Fathers of daughters communicate the least about sex-positive topics.

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Implications for intervention development and future research on sexual communication are discussed. For example, only seven of the 52 studies in the Widman et al. As researchers have observed, a relative dearth of literature exists that specifically examines fatherdaughter sexual communication e.

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The primary focus on sexual communication with mothers may be reflective of a false assumption that fathers do not and need not play as large a role in their daughters' sexual socialization Lindsey, ;Wright, They felt their fathers could help to demystify other men's perspectives. Aug J Health Comm. While the literature on parent-child sexual communication among adolescent girls is robust overall, research that is specifically focused on communication between fathers and daughters is more limited. Further, there have been calls for work on parent-child sexual communication to be situated within a multi-factorial conceptual framework that distinguishes between different communication components, such as the communication source, content, frequency, quality, and timing.

Results highlighted several gaps between young and mother-daughter communication. Girls reported covering less content and communicating less frequently about sexual topics italy models naked man their fathers compared to their mothers. Girls also reported being less comfortable communicating and found their discussions to be less helpful with fathers than mothers.

Girls were also less likely to report communicating with fathers about girl topics before their sexual debut than with mothers. No significant differences young found in communication style i. Results highlight the importance of fuck the multifaceted process of parent-child communication and signal the need for targeted intervention efforts girl improve upon father-daughter communication.

For example, research has suggested that father-daughter relationships are negatively associated with sexual onset, yet mothers' relationships with adolescents do not predict this outcome Regnerus and Luchies ;Rink At the same time, research has shown that although mothers are the primary providers of sexual information and socialization for both sons and daughters, this pattern is especially true for girls, who report little discussion of sexual matters with fathers e.

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I cried hysterically. It must be a part of life. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Email us at tips the-sun. Parenting Kids. New in Parenting View article.


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